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Samta Blood Bank an initiative by Devas health & development foundation to reduce the difference between demand & supply of blood. Like mentioned in the above quote mankind is really blessed to have such a unique benefit of being able to share the life giving elementBlood.


We never know the blood that we donate casually at some point of time in life might end up being given to someone dear to us and result in saving his or her life. We all get concernrd

when we see blood flowing out of our body, A human body carries approximately 5000 litres of blood in a day visit our blood facts section to know the entire process of how blood is created.

Blood donation is not only a social service but also strengthens our emergency system to tackle situation during emergency local or national, every time there is a natural calamity or a disaster a distress call is made for blood donors to come forward, and in this sometimes the needy suffers due to lack of donor. Lets make a pledge that we wont let a life end due to lack of blood.


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Tips on Blood Donation

Facts About Blood. What is blood? Blood is the life-maintaining fluid that circulates through the body's: Heart; Arteries; Veins; Capillaries ...

Blood facts

Enjoy these blood facts while learning some interesting facts and information ...
Found in humans and most animals, blood is an incredibly important bodily fluid

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Enjoy these blood facts while learning some interesting facts and information ...

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